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I started making panels & windows.  With that you have beautiful pieces of scrap glass that is too beautiful to throw away.  There are many ways to make use of these.  This is where the jewelry came in.  Wearable Art.  If you do not have room or a window to display one of my pieces, I also make sun catchers for your window, your garden and boxes for your keepsakes.  Whatever your fancy,  I would love to create for you a unique piece of art for you to take home. 

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About Me

Stained glass has a lot of history.  I have always loved the colors and the textures.  My desire is to paint with the glass to create a beautiful landscape or  charming animals and all of Natures creations.  Handmade glass has textures and colors that can not be duplicated.  I use the textures and colors to bring out the beauty of the subject and the background.  It is an ever changing piece of art in the sunlight.  The colors and scenes change throughout the day.  I am passionate about glass.

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